How to contact the library
Telephone: +49 941 630806-0
Fax: +49 941 630806-28
E-Mail: info (at)
Adress: Staatliche Bibliothek, Gesandtenstr. 13, 93047 Regensburg



The Regional State Library is located on the west side of the city between Bismarckplatz and Neupfarrplatz, not far from the Dreieinigkeitskirche (Trinity Church).

It is recognisable by its yellow-coloured walls and a little garden in front of the building.

Information for wheelchair users: There is a side entrance in the Poetengässchen for disabled persons with wheelchairs. Please ring the bell to obtain assistance.

How to get here

By car

  • Take the A93 until exit 43 Regensburg – Kumpfmühl. Turn left and drive 2,1 km straight on (over the railway bridge)  until the carpark on Bismarckplatz.
  • Or take the A93 until exit 33 Regensburg – Prüfening. Turn right and drive 2,1 km until the carpark on Bismarckplatz. From there it’s only a few minutes walk along the Gesandtenstraße. There are no parking spaces in front of the library.

By train

Take the 'Altstadtbus' from Maximilianstraße (opposite the railway station, on the right-hand side) to the bus stop at Bismarckplatz. From there it’s only a few minutes walk along Gesandtenstraße. Otherwise it takes about 15 minutes to walk from the railway station.